Filiations Evening 4⎟Danny Gaudreault + Kama La Mackerel

Fourth and final evening of the series Filiations, which proposes to reveal the influences and affinities between local performance artists. Dayna McLeod, invited by the duo Jean-Sébastien Vague, chose to program the work of Kama La Mackerel, that caught her attention for its commitment and political positioning regarding identity issues. Suzanne Joly, selected by Karen Elaine Spencer, decided to invite Danny Gaudreault, with whom she participated in Loser, an event organized by Folie / Culture in 2009. A pretext to start a discussion both with the public and between perfomers inviting each other, the series Filiations gives direct voice to performance artists who make us experience this art scene through their eyes.

Danny Gaudreault

Interdisciplinary artist living and working in Montreal, Danny Gaudreault has participated in the last six years in several events and performance festivals across Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, etc.) and in Helsinki, Finland. Gaudreault sees his practice as one major performative and autobiographic work. He creates actions using everyday objects, distorting codes and cultural references, particularly queer imagery. Through his performative research, he explores different mediums such as video, photography, installation, drawing and writing.  

Kama La Mackerel

Kama La Mackerel is a Tio’tia:ke/Montreal-based community organizer, movement builder, writer, poet, story-teller, curator and multi-disciplinary artist whose work focuses on narration and cultural production as modes of anti-colonial resistance. The medium of Kama’s work ranges from performance to textiles, from story-telling to print, from poetry to photography and film. Kama is the co-founder of The Qouleur Festival, an annual arts festival and healing space that celebrates the art and lives of queer and trans people of colour in Montreal, and is also the founder and hostess of GENDER B(L)ENDER, Montreal’s unique monthly queer open stage.
Instagram: @kama_la_mackerel

Starting at 6PM, enjoy Darling Foundry's Terrasse with some good Tacos from our chef in residency and have a drink to the sound of Bacchanale's DJ.

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