Ana Garcia-Pineda

Ana Garcia-Pineda presents herself as an artist, performer and a bunch of atoms. Her practice is based on story telling and cosmogony building, which she develops through installation works, articulating large scale drawings, sound, sculpture, and video. She thus collects real stories and connects different facts in order to make narrations that give another perspective to how things work. She invents poetic solutions, such as Machine to make Alzheimer's only affect our sad memories or Machine that allows suicide victims to give away the years they were supposed to live. She also gives absurd advice: If you break promises, buy glue; If everything is shit don't walk without shoes; Don't lose hope or it will end up surrounded by unpaired socks.

Garcia-Pineda holds degrees from the Fine Arts University of Barcelona and Universität der Künste Berlin. Awarded he Best Catalan Artist (2015) and being the recipient of the 1st Price Injuve (2009), she has exhibited her work in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Paraguay, Spain and the US.

Recent exhibitions


There is no need to turn on lights when you are blindingly obvious (No necesitas una apisonadora cuando tu lógica es aplastante), Creadors en Residencia, ICUB-Consorci, C.C. Baró de Viver


Fiction is a Reality Yet to Happen, Blanquerna Cultural Center, Madrid


Blood is red and so are some apples, Palmadotze Gallery, Vilafranca del Penedès