Isabelle Fourcade et Serge Provost

Isabelle Fourcade is an architect specializing in scenography and an artist.

Serge Provost is an artist and teacher at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse.

Together, they founded The George Tremblay Show in 2002.

To summarize its history, The George Tremblay Show was born on a snow-covered Canadian road in a “Frèrecoenien” chance. Benefiting from the heritage of the many tendencies that changed art in the twentieth century, such as DADA or Fluxus, The George Tremblay Show could easily get rid of monumentality to allow itself to exist simply.

Just as far removed from a bourgeois notion where the art of entertainment would prevail as from a half-hearted word that smells of redemption, The George Tremblay Show lives openly with its past. Life is made of misery and love, The George Tremblay Show too. The George Tremblay Show is the zero degrees of his own psychoanalysis: because he is only content to be. He is a wild being in a world of culture, playing to exist only when he moves. Immobile The George Tremblay Show no longer exists ... a sort of Levi-Strauss with a Shadok mentality.

We could only speak of this pretension of innocence through the words of the experienced Arnaud Labelle Rojoux "Oh! Not on stage on Broadway, with skewers of chorus girls lined up raising their legs, or in an exhilarating Hollywood-style musical. No, The George Tremblay Show aims to be modestly spectacularizes (but the word is not correct; let us say without emphasis) pieces of existence in spaces with a human dimension. "

The George Tremblay Show, which allows Isabelle and Serge to do for two what they could not do alone, is as much physical as mental. In this art of time practiced in a duet for many years, the predilected tools invariably remain dance, drawing, and conversation. These "working tools" allow them to envision, mix, nest (...) their main concerns which are time, space and work in duo. Then there are common desires, but not always, shared references, quite often, which they stimulate to produce artistic performances.

The formats adopted, or rather playing fields, are the spaces of galleries - often white cubes -, cars - preferably racing -, stages of theaters, hotels or the Mediterranean Sea ... To be more verbose on land snow-capped with the imagery of the Coen brothers, it is above all, in their performances, to summon almost chance moments of encounter. Chance or the sound of footsteps in the snow is as important as the light of the bogged down Plymouth lighthouses, the falling snowflakes and the country music playing on the car radio.

The George Tremblay Show returns to Montreal this winter to meet you.

Finally, to get rid of the no less fundamental question of archiving these moments, The George Tremblay Show very early made the choice not to broadcast films of his performances. He prefers a text - written by a chosen spectator but different for each performance - and photos as a testimony to what took place.


Isabelle Fourcade works mainly in the field of public and institutional commissioning, but she also developed herself as museography charged from 2012 to 2015  for the Chai des Collections at Château Siran in Margaux. She registers her practice in sober writing at the service of singular universes, by rigorously combining the mastery of museography and the plastic elements that she likes to summon in each project.

Her professional career is completed by the teaching practice. She teaches in BTS Design of space in Bordeaux since 2009, is a lecturer in the Master Heritage and Museums at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne since 2011 and was recently invited to teach in the Master Museum Studies, at the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Serge Provost graduated from the Bordeaux Fine Arts (France), he teaches art in Toulouse since 1994 and at the Bordeaux Architecture School. He participates in a lot of exhibitions in France and abroad. During a residency at Quartier Ephemere in 2000, he realized "Flaques d'Eau", an artwork integrated into the architecture of the space.

Recent exhibitions

« Plus dure sera la chute » Festival Uppercut, Bordeaux, France

« Moon 13 » , « Ich bin ein Pola »   Fabrique Pola, Bordeaux, France

« Omet/Temo », « Carton plein », « Moon 12 », Omet, France

« East by Northeast » , « Dolce Aqua » Festival 811, Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse, France