Thomas Lévy-Lasne

Thomas Lévy-Lasne’s drawings and paintings present the viewer with apparently banal scenes, which look like snapshots of everyday life: dancers jumbling in a party, a lover languishingly lying on a bed after love, a domestic situation or a gathering in the street. These works however result from a painstaking construction process based on photographic montages, which are rendered in a hyperrealistic manner. In doing so, Lévy-Lasne is not so much interested in competing with the realism (facticious in any case) of photography, but rather in exploring with passion the virtually illimited transformations of spaces and textures in an image, as unremarkable as it is.

"Dans Montréal" thus uses the excuse of a nocturnal view of a segment of Queen street, at the corner of the Darling Foundry, in order to challenge the materiality of charcoal, and transform it into elements of indus- trial architecture in brick, glass and metal, the enmeshed branches of some bare trees, as well as the glow of polished ice on the asphalt, heaps of soft snow, the incandescence of street lamps, or the halo of the moon veiled by clouds. The most trivial sight therefore becomes an invitation for the viewer to see something rather than nothing, and to follow, in Lévy-Lasne’s words, "the dreaming activity of matter".

Thomas Lévy-Lasne lives and works in Paris. He holds a diploma from the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris and his work is represented by galerie Backslash.

Recent exhibitions


Drawing Now, Solo show, stand Backslash, Paris 3e


La fragilité, Backslash gallery, Paris 3e

Paréidolie, Solo show, stand Backslash, Marseille

Collective exhibitions: 

Dendromorphies - Créer avec l’Arbre, commissariat Paul Ardenne, Espace Topographie de l’Art, Paris 3e

Matin, midi et soir, commissariat Laure Flammarion, Galerie rueVisconti, Paris 6e

Seuls/Ensemble, Artothèque de Caen, Caen

Drawing after digital, commissariat Klaus Speidel, XPO art studio, Paris 3e

True Mirror, Espace Commines, Paris 3e

SALO IV, commissariat Laurent Quénéhen, 24Beaubourg, Paris 3e

Who’s afraid of wild ? Hommage à Gilles Aillaud, commissariat Frédéric Léglise, Galerie Detais, Paris 9e


Collective exhibitions

Haut les masques!, QG, Centre d’art de la Chaux-de-Fonds, commissariat de Corinna Weiss, Suisse

Who’s afraid of picture(s)? 2, Centre d’art À cent mètres du centre du monde, commissariat de Frédéric Léglise, Perpignan

L’arbre, le bois, la fôret, CAC Meymac, Commissariat de Jean-Paul Blanchet, Meymac


hic et nunc, Centre d’art Albert Chanot, Clamart

Collective exhibitions

Dessinez Eros!, Galerie Odile Ouizeman, commissariat de Dominique Païni, Paris 3e

18e prix Antoine Marin, Galerie municipale Julio Gonzalez, Arceuil

Le musée passager, musée itinérant de la Région Ile de France, commissariat de Frédéric Laffy, Saint-Denis/ Evry/ Mantes-la-Jolie/ Vald’Europe


Visiblement, Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris 3e


Drawing Now, solo show, Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Caroussel du Louvre

Les choses muettes, Orangerie du Château de la Louvière, Montluçon