France Residency


Quartier Éphémère was founded through a cooperation agreement between Quebec and France, therefore naturally hosting numerous artists in residency in 1995. Thanks to the organism's transnational identity, the Darling Foundry has developed privileged relations with France. Since the inauguration of the studios and residencies building in 2006, several programs have fostered transatlantic exchanges and the outreach of artists and curators: the Quebec/Marseille cross-residency with Astérides, the Quebec/Paris cross-residency with the Couvent des Récollets in Paris, the FAWU residency in Montreal, the Canadian curatorial residency in Paris. These residency programs aim to enrich the cultural milieu, create long-term networks between countries and artistic communities, encourage living and profound exchanges in the artists professionnal trajectories so as to allow them to entirely devote themselves to their creation and production.

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French artists in residency at the Darling Foundry

2018 - Thomas Lévy-Lasne (FAWU)
2016 - Simon BoudvinStéphanie Lagarde 
2015 - Alice Didier Champagne & Paul Maheke Ngamaha
2014 - Aurélie Pétrel & Vincent Roumagnac, Thomas Couderc (Astérides)
2013 - Lucie Le Bouder, Jean-Luc Verna, Guillaume Gattier (Astérides)
2012 - Emilie ParendeauJulie Béna, Yannick Langlois (Astérides)
2011 - Mathieu WeilerMorgane Demarchi
2010 - Antoine Nessi
2009 - Christelle Faucoulanche, Florine Leoni
2008 - Clément Rodzielski, Régis Baudy
2007 - Caroline Molusson, Lamarche/Ovize
2006 - Michael Batard, Perrine Lievens

French curators in residency at the Darling Foundry (cross-residency with Astérides in Marseille)

2017 - Bénédicte Le Pimpec
2015 - Claire Astier
2014 - Sophie Lapalu
2013 - Marie Frampier
2012 - François Aubart

Quebec artists in residency in France (cross-residency with the Couvent des Récollets and Astérides in Marseille)

2015 - Daniel Barrow (Paris), Ana Rewakowicz (Paris)
2014 - François Lemieux (Paris), Luc Paradis (Paris),Joshua Schwebel (Marseille)
2013 - Lorna Bauer (Paris), Romeo Gongora (Paris), Anne Françoise Jacques (Marseille)
2012 - Guillaume Adjutor Provost (Paris), Alexandre David (Paris), Julie Trudel (Marseille)
2011 - Joshua Schwebel (Paris), Julie Favreau (Paris)
2010 - Dominique Sirois, Julie Lequin
2009 - Risa Hatayama, Fréderic Lavoie
2008 - Elena Willis, Guillaume Clermont
2007 - Samuel Roy-Bois, Justin Stephens
2006 - Suzanne Déry, Mathieu Beauséjour

Quebec and Canadian curators in residency in France (curatorial residency in Paris, cross-residency with Astérides in Marseille) 

2018 - Carina Magazzeni (Paris)
2017 - Zoë Chan (Paris)
2016 - Amber Berson (Marseille)
2015 - Véronique Leblanc (Marseille)
2014 - Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre (Marseille)
2013 - Iliana Antonova (Marseille)
2012 - Tess Edmonson (Marseille)

The curatorial residency program in Paris is supported by the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris and made possible thanks to a partnership with the Couvent des Récollets in Paris and La Panacée in Montpellier.

The FAWU residency program is supported by the FAWU (Follow Art With Us) ABROAD Fellowship, with the participation of the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec. 

The cross-residency program for artists and curators with Astérides in Marseille was supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and the Montreal Council for the Arts.

The cross-residency program for artists with the Couvent des Récollets in Paris was supported by the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.