Véronique Leblanc

Véronique Leblanc focuses on contextual, procedural and relational practices as well as links between art, ethics and politics. Her exhibition projects often gather works that replay documentary elements or everyday situations to encourage the viewer to doubt, to deconstruct or reconsider what he understands. An important part of her approach is also based on the analysis of artistic practices that address issues of otherness and democracy in a context of globalization. Her most recent exhibition, entitled Polyphonies (Optica , 2015), creates a dialogue between works of six artists from Quebec and abroad who question the ways in which identity and ideological constructs are involved in the articulation of common life.


Véronique Leblanc is a Montreal based curator and writer interested in context-based practices. Her work typically analyses art practices concerned with issues of otherness and democracy in the context of globalization and art endeavours using documentary material to encourage the viewers to reflect critically on their perceptions or beliefs. Leblanc is drawn to artworks that explore the ways in which identity and ideological constructions are presented in the social sphere.