Marion Lessard

Marion Lessard is a collective of five people represented by one entity composed of Marie Cherbat-Schiller, Alice Roussel, Jean- Nicolas Léonard, Claude Romain, and Élisabeth M. Larouine. Its unconventional structure—simultaneously individual and collective—acts as a trick mirror that reflects the paradoxes of coexistence. Playing with notions of individuality, originality and identity, the collective interrogates linguistic, socio-political, psychic and logical structures that order Western societies.

The collective makes use of a variety of mediums such as video installation, literature, drawing and the artist book, but privileges a performative approach that goes beyond the exhibition context, and blurs the distinction between life and art, presence and representation.

Cogir Real Estate is the generous sponsor of Marion Lessard’s studio for 2021. Marion Lessard’s studio was sponsored by the generous support of Québecor in 2019.


Marion Lessard studied philosophy at l’Université de Montreal and has an MFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University. Their artistic projects and academic achievements were supported by numerous grants and awarded many distinctions. They have published several artist books, including Surface(s) edited by Claude Glass Press in 2018, L’inventaire in 2014 and Logo-Gloo ou l’anti-logis commode in 2013.

Recent exhibitions


Doublures, Dazibao, Montreal


Quiproquo, exposition collective, Galerie Quine, Montreal


Traces et effets de la forme nominale palindromique au sein des structures urbanistiques et sociales lavalloises, Verticale - Centre d’artistes, Laval (QC)
A est a si A is a est A, Sightings, Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Montreal
Triennale Banlieue ! : Là où se prépare le futur, group show, Maison des Arts de Laval, Laval (QC)
Maureen III, group show of MFA students from Concordia University, Darling Foundry


Définitions anagrammatiques, Dare-Dare, Montreal
RIMAV 22, group show, Galerie de l’UQO, Gatineau (QC)
Ignition 13, group show, Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Montreal