Maddie Tait-Jamieson

Maddie Tait-Jamieson integrates drawing and writing into multimedia installations that examine contemporary Western relationships to death, fragility, territory and gender. In these installations, they offer performative readings that unfold as pedagogical presentations, intimate narratives and animal-drag. Their research draws on the social sciences, pop culture and the more anecdotal forms of knowledge derived from his everyday relationships and experiences. The meaning of place, identity and the role of the intimate in the socio-political are at the root of her storytelling practice.

The Great Prince of the Forest is a performance reading and installation based on the figure of the stag as a symbol of virility and fertility in the majority of Western representations. By exploring its various interpretations through the history of hunting in the West, for example in the Disney film Bambi (1942), but also from the artist's own experience since taking testosterone, this research addresses the complex trajectory of trans-masculine identities. Maddie Tait-Jamieson is particularly interested in their relationship with patriarchy, and the criticisms that follow.


Maddie Tait-Jamieson is a trans-disciplinary Pakeha artist born in Aotearoa in 1996, based in France since 2014 and currently residing in Marseille. Graduating with a DNSEP master's degree from the Beaux-Arts de Montpellier in 2022, they will be in residence at Triangle Astérides as part of the Artistes Associé.e.s, Marseille en 2024 program. The artist was in residence this autumn at the Maison des arts George et Claude Pompidou (MAGCP) in Cajarc, as part of the HORIZONS program. They had their first solo exhibition in France at GlassboxNord in Paris in 2022, during which they performed their eponymous reading, which was shown at this year's GARCES Festival in Marseille. The text of his reading will be published by POST FIRE BOOKS in 2024.


Recent exhibitions


+ ou -1,5°, group exhibition, Orangerie du Jardin des Plantes MO.CO.Montpellier Contemporain, Montpellier, FR

Don’t Step On The Flower Beds, group exhibition, PAC OFF, Atelier Vé, Marseille, FR


A Seal is a Portal, Glassbox, Paris, FR

À suivre, à surveiller, group exhibition, Pharmacie et Chapelle de la Miséricorde, MO.CO.Esba, Montpellier, FR


WUU2, group exhibition, Play_Station, Pōneke, Aotearoa, NZ


Art Talk with Art Friends, Bartley + Co Gallery, Pōneke, Aotearoa, NZ