Make Space for a Surprise to Arise

For this carte blanche evening, the SenseLab from Concordia University presents Make Space for a Surprise to Arise, a set of individual and collective experiments created in response to the work of artist Lygia Clark.

Emblematic of a generation of Brazilian artists and intellectuals known to have rethought the question of participation according to the inextricable entanglement between art and life, Lygia Clark, from the 1960’s, a subjective and organic art. The SenseLab program thus highlights the diversity of participative proposals inspired by Clark's work and her relational objects, including their negations and contradictions. In the Place Publique, the artists of the Quimeras collective explore our various inner states by calling to the concept of vivências, a concept dear to Clark that refers to the lived experience, in particular to the authentic sensory presence of the body that allows a resistance to any ideologization. 

Each person participates differently, feels things differently. To live these experiences thus opens the way to a deep introspection, to a dialogue between one's body, that of others, and their existences.


18 H 30 - QUIMERAS 

Flo Sophia Dacy-Cole, Mariana Marcassa, Cadu Mello, Céline Pereira et Rodrigo Velasco.

The body is the proposition”–Lygia Clark

This is not a performance night: it is a set of propositions for individual and collective experimentation.

Lygia Clark’s propositions assert that everyone is an artist: drawing the emphasis away from the cult of the artist, and towards experience and participation. Life is artful. Art has to be felt.

Every day the body is captured by the institutions, limiting experience to what already exists. When institutions capture us, they take us from our vitality and creativity.

Propositions return us to the possible.

We learnt from Lygia Clark’s work that individual experimentation can create a ground for collective attunement.

We are learning from Clark’s work: playing with how the body primes us for the world. We are thinking about structuring the self. We are thinking about mobius knots. We are thinking about cannibalistic baba. We are thinking about the space between mutism and the world. We are thinking liveness of coding. We are thinking about thinking is not rational.

These propositions give space to feel new sensations. What is the feeling of newness that gives a different felt perspective? How is the somatic political? How is the somatic ethical?

Lygia’s propositions have a political and ethical engagement, because they call up a body’s perception, dissolving its unity. When we dissolve the unity of the body, we touch the disorganization of sensation: the beautiful chaos of vitality.

This event is part of the worldwide Minor Movements events that celebrate the collective work of the SenseLab: "When art becomes the way and not the endpoint minor movements become orientors for processes to come.”–Erin Manning


Starting at 5:30pm, come and enjoy the Darling Foundry's Second Nature Bar and enjoy local craft beer from our generous sponsor, the microbrewery 4 Origins Brewing Co.'s, and delicious vegetarian sandwiches from FreshMint! 

Dj set of Rodrigo Velasco







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