Ça a l’air synthétique bonjour hi + Performance about a woman

Tue May 29th - 8:30 pm
Wed May 30th - 1 pm

Ça a l’air synthétique bonjour hi
Burcu Emeç + Roxa Hy + Michael Martini + Nien Tzu Weng

What if an audience was paid for contributing to an artwork ? Caught up in the political and economic climate that gives way to invisible labour, four artists of different backgrounds and practices arrive at the principle of consent in revising what it means to participate. A reflection on fabricated intimacy is in the air - and for real, you will be compensated.

Performance about a woman
Liz Peterson with Oliver Husain + Rose Plotek + Matt Smith

A series of full-bodied masks made of paper, felt and burlap pose as curled and crumpled facets of a self, at once masking the body and revealing the messiness of its dimensionality. In Performance about a woman, the tension between language and self is made visible as performer Liz Peterson explores the idea of identity. An exploration that is repeatedly interrupted by the question: “what could an audience want from a performance about a woman?”