OFFTA 2019

Double feature

Monday, May 27 | 8:30 PM
Tuesday, May 28 | 3 PM


For the third year in a row, the Darling Foundry is pleased to host a double feature as part of the live arts festival, OFFTA.

Comment oublier d'arroser les plantes demain
Mai thi Bach Ngoc Nguyen

Comment oublier d’arroser les plantes demain is a personal performative quest: the search for the perfect burial site for the immigrant body.

Born somewhere in Spain, on one of those elastic days watching laundry tumble around a slow three-euro washing machine, this performance is based on the idea of accomplishment through sheer power of will. Tackling themes like oblivion and transcendence, this piece was created and written for the sole purpose of being forgotten, a sedentary attempt to test the limits of idleness.

Creation and Performance Mai thi Bach Ngoc Nguyen Photo Dany Massicotte Video teaser Jade Abloh-Ferreira Video documentation of the manœuvre and post-performance Où se font enterrer les gens comme moi


là / dans la convergence / des erreurs commises pour l'avenir
Alegría Gobeil + Alex Pouliot + Ariane Gagné + Camille Blais + Corinne Asselin + Frédérique Chassé + Guillaume B.B. + Juan Antonio Bonillo + Michaëlle Morasse + Sascha Cowan

Là / dans la convergence / des erreurs commises pour l’avenir is a political and poetic exploration of time. Coming from a discomfort towards what we conceive as ‘the future’ and its underlying linear conception of a (re)productive future, this proposition delves into repetition, anachrony and failure — if it occurs. The collective invites members of the audience to share a space which hides and reveals the actions taking place within it, creating a multiplicity of spatio-temporalities that refuse and duplicate themselves.

Co-creation and visuals Alegría Gobeil, Alex Pouliot, Ariane Gagné, Camille Blais, Corinne Asselin, Frédérique Chassé, Guillaume B.B., Juan Antonio Bonillo, Michaëlle Morasse, Sascha Cowan