Place publique 2008

The second edition of the Place Publique was full of public art and events with audacious installations and lively days. Following up on his 2007 vegetation wall, the French artist Jean-Paul Ganem used a new technique to colour and add green to the Darling Foundry’s walls and the Ottawa street. Ombre de ville 2 is an installation where overgrown vegetation spreads to the public domain, creating a true island of freshness within an urban setting. The 2008 Place Publique also hosted Dust3 by Jocelyne Alloucherie. The artist aims to enhance the neighborhood environment and dynamic with public art by inviting photographers to intervene in the urban landscape. Settled on the roof and the surrounding buildings, five gigantic pictures are anonymously disclosed to the public. Another installation also drew attention : the residence and accomodation Knock on Wood which is a para-site - a rustic tent/shelter and a forest of flag/trees. Artists were invited to settle here for at least four hours and 24 hours maximum. Lastly, the wood picnic tables by Mathieu Beauséjour were disclosed for the first time this summer during his exhibition Monument. Regarding the animations, workshops and discussions about the environment were offered every Wednesday afternoon with the organisation Le Jour de la Terre and the Alcoa Foundation. The German collective Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Köperl also realised an ephemeral intervention in the urban space.