Place publique 2011

In the summer of 2011, the Place Publique was organised around Plat-form, a sculpture by Alexandre David which fits somewhere between furniture and architecture. Plat-form also allowed to the Torontonian  Malcolm Sutton to present The Coming Envelope 3, published in the Book Thug editions. The authors Jacob Wren and Alisha Piercy from Montréal also presented texts from their most recent books. Moreover, performances were done on the Place Publique, like the one of Jony Murphy and Brian Wallace, Victory over the sun was never won, talking about the drug industry. also managed an informal and friendly radio program on inner tubers lying on the street. Finally, musical events and interventions of local organizations have been coordinated.


July 28: Victory over the sun was never won / Jony Murphy + Brian Wallace

August 4, 25 + September 1 : EP Bergen

September 11, 18, 22: Coopérative Espace Cercle Carré

September 7, 8: Festival les escales improbables de Montréal

September 29, 30 + October 1, 2: Journées de la culture

October 5: Annual Fundraising event of the Darling Foundry

October 6: Vernissage Shilpa Gupta / Ricardo Cuevas + End of the Place Publique