Place publique 2012

In 2012, visitors gathered all summer long in front of the Darling Foundry and enjoyed the picnic tables designed by Mathieu Beauséjour to admire the impressive Courte-Pointe by Philippe Allard and Justin Duchesneau. Exhibited from June 14 to October 31, Courte-Pointe used to wrap around the building of the Darling Foundry as though a passing giant had left his bed cover to dry in the sun. This cumbersome mass pixellated out of milk boxes – these makeshift racks proliferating on Montreal’s bikes - interfered with the building’s functionality and created its own environment. In the meantime, the performances have been realised by international artists to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Darling Foundry.


June, 14:10-year anniversary party, Ma Darling! / Guillaume Adjutor Provost + Janick Burn + Virginie Jourdain + Tom de Pékin + Helena Martin Franco + Martin Chramosta + Dineo Bopape

July: Performances presented by the curator Michelle Lacombe / Kirk Amaral Snow + Anne Parisien et Christian Bujold + Philip Fryer + Francisco-Fernando Granados + Alexis Bellavance + Adam Bergeron + Vela Phelan + Marlène Renaud-B  

August, 16: Discussion about the Jon Knowles exhibition / Phyllis Lambert + Vincent Bonin

From September 3 to October 31: Atelier Kawamata  

September, 11: Rencontre Internationale d’art performance / RIAP + Alias Black Market

September 15, 16, 22: Marie Brassard + Sarah Williams + Quartier Danse

September, 27: Vernissage Olivia Boudreau and Blue Républic / Julie Béna + Samir Parker