Potentiels évoqués visuels

In conjunction with its summer exhibitions and programming of 2018 Place Publique, the Darling Foundry presents a project by Elsa Werth entitled Potentiels évoqués visuels in the gallery's lobby. 

Potentiels évoqués visuels is a travelling exhibition bringing together, on a single surface, a group of artists who share a common interest in alternative exhibition strategies that are oriented towards the presentation of artworks outside of conventional art venues. For the first edition of the project, Claude Closky, Lucas Henao Serna, Seulgi Lee, Marylène Negro and Yonatan Vinitsky have been invited to conceive a specific work to be printed on a 3 x 5 meters curtain. The proposals were then displayed on the exhibition surface by curator Elsa Werth so as to create a coherent and dynamic ensemble and foster a dialogue between the works. 

This travelling and portable exhibition format can be set up in a number of spaces with a minimum of means. It is driven by a desire to interrogate how we access art, how artworks are produced and how they engage the public. Potentiels évoqués visuels can happen at a window in a hotel room in replacement of curtains, with its printed side facing the street and passers-by. It can also happen in an art centre, a shopping mall, a vacant show-window, in the hall of a train station and - why not? - on a free-standing structure in an open air area. This project has no commercial purpose, the "curtain" is produced in a single exhibition edition and it not for sale. This project of undetermined length is held in multiples venues and is presented in various contexts in France and abroad. 

Each of the presentations of Potentiels évoqués visuels is documented and the photographs can be accessed on the project's website. A publication is planned at the end of the project's roaming.

Elsa Werth is an artist and an independent curator. She holds a master’s degree in Fine Arts from l’École des Beaux-Arts de Paris (2013), and completed the research program ‘’Creation and Globalisation’’ at l’École Offshore in Shanhai (2017).

As an artist, her work has been presented in recent solo exhibitions such as L’action cesse atDuplex Walden (Geneva, 2018) et Perspectives provisoires at Galerie Martine Aboucaya (Paris, 2017). Werth also participated in numerous group exhibitions, including ones at the MUDAM (Luxembourg, 2017), the Centre d’art Bastille (Grenoble, 2017), the Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2017) and the 60e Salon de Montrouge (Montrouge, 2015). As a curator, Werth organized exhibitions at the Galerie Nord (Paris 2015) and at the Florence Loewy Gallery (Paris, 2014). She currently is circulating the project Potentiels évoqués visuels around the world. She also collaborated with numerous magazines and publications about contemporary art. In 2013, she was the recipient of the Humankind Léo Burnett award, granted by the Prix des Amis des Beaux-Arts de Paris.