James Gardner / Ecstatic Distance


Petite galerie

James Gardner’s art stands out for its dense textures and fossilized images, the barely perceptible, fleeting traces of phantoms. In a style imitating the wear and tear of time or even the effect of decay and decomposition, he constructs his works by… See more

Simon S. Belleau / Répliques


Main hall

Ventriloquisms and Other Echoes In the past five years, Simon S. Belleau’s art practice has consistently explored questions of language, interpretation, translation, and the transposition between text and image. Using a visual vocabulary that borrows… See more


Reading Platform

For its Spring 2024 exhibition cycle, Fonderie Darling is pleased to showcase the work of Studio Gabarit. Founded in 2021 by Andes A. Beaulé, Studio Gabarit offers support and expertise in the graphic design of publishing projects and artists' books.… See more

Laura Acosta / 3Lix


In situ

Continuing the tradition established several years ago, Fonderie Darling is installing an ephemeral outdoor work on its newly renovated Place Publique, City of Montreal's Place du Sable-Gris. This year, the visual arts center is proud to present the work… See more