Walter Scott

Contemporary questions of representation, cultural production, popular culture and narrative construction are central to Walter's practice. His comic series, Wendy, chronicles the continuing misadventures of a young artist in a satirical version of the contemporary art world. Moving through drawing, film, sculpture and installation, Walter uses each medium self-referentially, to highlight the anxiety of presentation, both in the conventions of the art world, and of the artwork itself. Through auto-biographical elements, Walter’s work navigates the slippery states between the fiction and reality of the “artist,” of aesthetic representation, and of the self.


Walter Scott b. 1985, is an interdisciplinary artist working across comics, drawing, video, performance and sculpture. His comic series, Wendy, has been featured in Canadian Art, Art in America, and published online in The New Yorker. Recent exhibitions include Reframed Into Oblivion, Naughton Gallery (Belfast), and The Pathos Of Mandyat the ISCP (New York). His latest graphic novel, Wendy, Master of Art, was published in 2020.


Recent exhibitions


Reframed Into Oblivion, solo exhibition, Naughton Gallery, Belfast, IE


The Scrawled Heel of the Real, solo exhibition, Ashley, Berlin, DE

Happy Medium, solo Exhibition, Centre Clark, Montreal, CA

Tolerance of Ambiguity, solo Exhibition, Latitude 53, Edmonton, CA

Extension of Doubt, solo Exhibition, Cooper Cole, Toronto, CA

The Pathos of Mandy, solo Exhibition, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, CA

The Pathos of Mandy, solo Exhibition, I.S.C.P, Brooklyn, New York, US

Slipping On the Missing X, solo Exhibition, Macaulay Fine Art, Vancouver, CA