Anne-Françoise Jacques

The artistic and sound work of Anne-Françoise Jacques takes a variety of forms : performance, installation, interventions in unconventional spaces, soundtracks for animated films and radio creations. She is interested in various techniques of amplification, recording and sound reproduction as a means of altering, questioning and reapropriating our material environment. This approach has generated installations where simple machines produce sound through acoustic resonators, performances or mundane objects are extremely amplified and reproduction devices such as audio cassettes are modified to turn them into audio sources. The use of low technology, cheap objects and rough sounds is particularly appreciated.


Sound artist and bicycle mechanic, Anne-Françoise Jacques is interested in the amplification of little objects, electricity, scratchings and improvised sound collages. She often performs, alone and in various collectives (including Minibloc and Fünf), creates sound installations and soundtracks for Julie Doucet's animated films. Her work has been presented in various festivals - including Mutek (Montreal), Send&Receive (Winnipeg), Club Transmediale (Berlin), Signal & Noise (Vancouver), VIVA! Art Action (Montréal), le Festival des musiques de création (Saguenay) and Sounds Like... (Saskatoon) - and artist run centres (Centre Clark, Séquence, Action Art Actuel, L’Oeil de poisson, Espace Cercle Carré, le GRAVE) ; as well as various bucolic or unusual places, such as parks, a metro entrance and under some stairs. Her most recent recordings are available via Crustacés Tapes, a project for postal sound distribution.