Cabaret Échéant

Price: 15$ in advance, 20$ on the spot

A comic tragedy. This show, just crazy enough, hinges on a background of anxiety of emptiness, of nothing at all. It is a deserted political cabaret where the fantasies of the cabaret from Berlin at the turn of the century are maintained ; where Bertolt Brecht was pushed towards the front of the stage : making political, globalized art ; art holding the power to improve human life. The Cabaret Échéant is a frenzied, revolutionnary celebration, because it is vain, performed by seven artists and one captain who, as they hope, could put everything back in place.

Torn between the shape of traditional cabaret with acts and the "quasi-theatrical" narrated, the Cabaret Échéant knows itself as anachronistic, but willingly laughs of it. The show also tells a little of its own creative process. The whole structure, the method has been designed based on the ideal of a common sensibility. The effort of all, and among others of the direction, is to bring together these expressions of convergent human potential, to get them to materialize a more or less coherent unity. The show is a social dream, a dream to allow real possibilities of social creation to unveil to the world. But the show also expresses the limits of this initiative which, itself, is somehow missed. This is precisely what makes it fantastic.