Cod.Act  /  Cycloïd-E

A polyphonic sculpture measuring eleven metres in diameter, Cycloïd-E comprises a structure of horizontally articulated metal tubes equipped with sound sources and measuring instruments which make them resonate according to their rotations in a succession of unforeseeable movements. A complex performance sculpture, Cycloïd-E performs a hypnotic dance, pervading the surrounding space with spectral sounds to produce an exceptional kinetic-polyphonic work. The Cod.Act duo has received several international awards for this piece: Prix Ars Electronica - Distinction Award 2010; 14th Japan Media Arts Festival - Grand Prize 2010; Prix CYNEART 2010.

Presented in collaboration with Mois Multi.


Fondation Suisse pour la culture


Under the label Cod.Act, André and Michel Décosterd combine their know-how. The first is a musician, composer and sound plastician, the second is an architect and plastician. Together they develop artistic productions such as performances and interactive installations. The basis of their approach is a reflection on sound, image and light and their possible interaction.