Samuel Roy-Bois  /  Faire l'indépendance

I do as I like. I eat what I want, I smoke, I drink lots of beer and hard liquor. I kidnap kids and demand huge ransoms for their release. I scare senior citizens. I pick up old piece of gum from off the pavement, I chew it noisily and then stick it under a restaurant table. I switch the lights on and off every second for 24 hours straight. I stay at home watching TV, with air-conditioning, instead of going to work. I lie to my friends. I don't sleep anymore. I don't give a thought to anyone else. I drive on the left. I make myself clothes out of old tires. I stare at birds straight in the eye. I flare myself up. I crush every ant I see. I extract teeth. I act like everyone else. I keep up with fashion. I steal other people's ideas. I stand people up. I labour away fruitlessly. I never try to understand (and anyway, I never listen when people speak to me). One word is never off my lips.

List of things one often confuses:

1. Fantasies
2. Projects
3. Utopia
4. Dream
5. Plan (planning)

Samuel Roy-Bois

Samuel Roy-Bois was born in 1973. His work has been exhibited in Canada and abroad. In 2001, he received a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal. He will be having his first solo exhibition in a museum setting at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art in May 2006. Roy-Bois presently lives in New York City.