Eva Jung

Eva Jung examines the ideals of capitalist cities. By using barter, she engages directly with participants in an intimate encounter to share special memories or emotions. Objects and immaterial matters exchanged, either anecdotes, songs, strawberries or hugs, form the basis of her work. The artist appropriates these ephemeral experience, remains of vulnerable gestures, and inserts them in her installations. She also creates urban interventions from urban waste found in the street.


Born in Seoul, South Korea, Eva Jung lived in New York before moving to London where she is currently completing a PhD in Fine Arts at the University College of London. She received a master's degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ewha Women's University in Seoul. In 2011, she qualified for the prestigious residence The Arctic Circle Expeditionary. Recent exhibitions have been held in Triangle Arts Workshop CCA (Lagos, Nigeria), Soho20 Gallery (New York), Kunstakademie (Dusseldorf, Germany), Flux Factory (Queens, NY), and the Amie Tony James Gallery (New York), Dumbo Arts Center (Brooklyn, NY) and Brainfactory (Kyeongido, South Korea).