Jessica Warboys  /  Le Chant du rossignol

Jessica Warboys works across a range of mediums, predominantly sculpture, performance and film to explore a psychological space. The films and installations are the result of a partly symbolic and intuitive process, concerned with the potential of movement and metaphor to engender meaning, seemingly hermetic structures, aspire to be expansive through association. The performative sculptures become the source for fictional activity, which investigates the potential for a relationship with objects to enable a contemporary rite. Warboys considers her objects as baring witnesses as well as embodying both primitive and informed desires. Through a process of interrelating found objects, mementos and crafted pieces, a narrative begins, reflecting an abstracted sense of self within a space for potential experimentation with the familiar and the uncanny.

Jessica Warboys

Jessica Warboys was born in 1977, Wales, UK. She lives and works Berlin and London.