le laps
Throughout the summer, the titles of Montreal's publishing house Le laps are presented at the Darling Foundry's Reading Platform. The books are available on site and offered for sale at the reception desk of the gallery.
Daïchi Saïto, Moving the Sleeping Images (2013)
Simon Brown, Mollesse dure (2014)
Alexandre St-Onge, Nude de chose de même (2017)
Anne-F Jacques, Roches rencontrées (2018)
Émilie Mouchous, D’un érotisme botanique (2018)
Le laps is a small independent publishing house founded in 2013 by Marie-Douce St-Jacques and formatted by Baptiste Alchourroun and Amandine Guillard. The publishing house prints marginal texts in literature, privileging the individual sensibility of artists from all backgrounds. Le laps creates intervals, luminous escapes, to make these voices heard.
The Reading Platform is a space created by Montreal artist Alexandre David at the entrance Darling Foundry's Small Gallery. It offers a place of documentation, reading and rest for visitors of the exhibitions. This program highlights the work of independent publishing houses and welcomes artistic projects based on literature and text.