Andreas Oldörp  /  Le Nénuphar

"The visual aspects of the work provide a kind of initiation and encourage the visitors to gradually transfer their attention to the sound."

In the depths of the darling foundry, Andreas Oldörp has created a visual and sonorous installation comprised of a series of glass tubes of different lengths which are juxtaposed and mounted on stems of metal. Hydrogen gas circulates continuously within the tubes, producing a variety of distinct tones. The slender stems and the transparency of the glass tubing, as well as the gentle, discreet sounds which fill the room lend the installation a minimal and graceful presence - in stark contrast to the industrial atmosphere of the foundry.

Andreas Oldörp

Andreas Oldörp lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. He has exhibited in various countries including Egypt, Sweden, Denmark, and at L’Oeil de Poisson in Quebec City.