Perrine Lievens

Situated between fiction and reality, Lievens' work explores and reveals the poetic means of daily life. She focuses upon often overlooked objects and elements found in nature, those that we have allowed to fade away from our view. It is this singular approach that defines her projects as an act of reappropriating the real. As such, the strenght of her works is located in their capacity to illuminate the intrinsic fragility of the subjects at hand.

The simplest or most common materials, emancipated from their customary uses, become the primary matter of a systematic diversion. A ventilation duct is animated by the air that passes through it or a luminous balcony is forged out of neon tubes. These unusual associations rupture the paths of the real and guide the viewer towards a dream-like understanding of their surroundings.


Born in France in 1981, Perrine Lievens completed her studies at L'École Nationale Supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris. Recently, she was honored with the International Takifuji Art Award and the prestigious LVHM young artist award. Her work has been exhibited most notably at the Istanbul Biennale Off and Musée Mariscal Andrés A Caceres ( Peru )>

Recent exhibitions


“CHHTTT…” le mer­veilleux dans l’art con­tem­po­rain: 2ième volet, Crac Alsace, Altkirch, France


Première Vue, Passage de Retz, Paris, France
Suite ornementale, ENSBA, Paris, France
Pièce unique, La Maison d'Art, Paris, France


Jeune Création, La Belleviloise, Paris, France
La structure de l'espace par l'ornement, Galerie du Pont neuf, Paris, France