Artistes: Rebecca Belmore et Ron Terada

PLAN LARGE is presented in collaboration with le Mois de la Photo à Montréal

As of October 4th, the 4th edition of PLAN LARGE, a wide opencast photographic gallery, presents two new forceful works, leaving a significant mark in Montreal’s urban landscape. Rebecca Belmore (Vancouver), with the soft violence of Fringe, strikes with the inherent tension of the subject in its environment; across a woman’s back is drawn a scar, sown together by red pearls. Native of the Anishinabekwe Nation, the artist evokes in this peace the violence against native peoples, and specifically women, as well as their reinsertion as craftswomen and men. The artwork is no longer presented (since 2011). Ron Terada (Vancouver) also reveals sensitive grounds connected to identity with the controversial piece See Other Side of Sign, which appears as a nonsense in a bare landscape. Isolated in its absurdity, See Other Side Of Sign still manages to spark polemic.