Educational visits

Firmly rooted in the community for over twenty years, Fonderie Darling is committed to its educational role, offering unique and enriching activities that facilitate direct interaction between artists and a broad public. Want to know more about Fonderie Darling? Below you can read about our various public programs that present visitors with distinctive and inspiring experiences, enhanced by the historical and industrial character of the buildings.


Recognized for its charitable role by the governments of Quebec and Canada in educating the public about contemporary art, Fonderie Darling makes it its mission to foster the curiosity, sensibility, and knowledge of the general public in the visual arts by encouraging audiences to discover and appreciate current, exploratory, and engaged art practices. Fonderie Darling offers customized guided tours with the curator or the guided tours coordinator to diverse groups.

The aim of the tour is to offer an in-depth presentation of the exhibition as well as additional information tailored to the group’s knowledge and specific needs, depending on the particular context. These interactive tours encourage discussion and inquiry and are designed to help visitors develop tools for appreciating the artworks for what they are rather than imposing a preconceived idea on them.

For more information or to book a tour, please contact Milly-Alexandra Dery at


During every exhibition opening, the artists in residence at Fonderie Darling in the adjoining building are invited to open their studios to the public. With prior reservation, Fonderie Darling also offers customized studio tours to a wide range of small groups, including art professionals, students, and business people.

For the studio tours, artists are remunerated for presenting their work. Such tours offer a unique opportunity to enter the creative universe of each artist, discover where they work, and gain a better understanding of art by learning about the process of making a work from concept to production.


Throughout the year, Fonderie Darling presents many free events such as performances, art talks related to the exhibitions, and conversations between the international artists in residence and the general public.

From time to time, Fonderie Darling also organizes creative workshops led by the artists in residence. These workshops are intended for a young public and are carried out in partnership with specialized organizations such as Youth Fusion and Dans la rue, or as part of school visits with groups. The artist prepares a workshop related to their work and the specific group that they will encounter, which they then carry out with the group, assisted by a Fonderie Darling staff member.