Suzanne Dery  /  Turkey Dreams

Suzanne Dery, a young Montreal artist, presents Turkey Dreams, her very first solo exposition. Uniting drawings, collages and Flash animation, the artist delivers a personal, sparkling and extravagant perspective on daily life, popular culture and the memory of places.

During a five months residency in Spain, the travels and wanderings of the artist were captured directly onto the pages of her sketchbook. Reminiscent of snapshots, the works of Turkey Dreams put forward an aesthetic of rapid gesture, capturing the lifelike instant through a language of purified plastic: the contour lines, drawn with gouache or black pencil, are fluid and delicate. On a white canvas, simple realist forms stand out, often enhanced with a touch of vibrant pink or sparkling varnish, beautifully accentuating the exposed playful universe.

Approached with a metaphoric style, the works of Suzanne Dery consign and reinterpret the joys of life, conveying the idea of well-being and the desire to notice in the little things, the extraordinary. Under the cover of humour and derision, the artist illustrates the artificial pleasures of consumerism while demonstrating a great sensitivity in her Fountains and Scrabble series, on which she comments: “I present these as another form of play with words and apply it to illustrate my own culture and need to escape the banality of existence.”

Suzanne Dery

Transdisciplinary artist Suzanne Dery holds a B.A in Fine Arts from Concordia University. She has exhibited her work in collective exhibitions in Canada, France, England, Spain and Austria. She is a member of an artists duo called The Flators with Anthony Burnham.