Christina Zurfluh

In her paintings Christina Zurfluh has been a specialist for quite some time in the creation of tension through complex correlations. In earlier images it is, above all, about the layers that virtually emerge through the thickness of the paint. In the new paintings she produces another reference to modern abstraction, namely to the monochrome surface. The complete image gets divided in two or three different colorfields. The choice of color with their often-pastel luminosity is immediately reminiscent of Warhol’s screen-printed works. However, here the monochromy does not cover any objective representation, rather it covers seemingly amorphous darkness. But in the next moment this overlay allows the dark structures to emerge like a text, making the amorphous quotable. On top of this there is a third layer of white spots, which at first sight appear as if they had gotten onto the image by chance. In the new paintings, there are divisions on the canvas (juxtaposition) as well as in the canvas (super-imposition) executed. In doing so, a new understanding of the monochrome image is worked out, suddenly receiving in this complicated network a meaning that cannot be confined to reduction.


Christina Zurfluh was born in Zug Switzerland. She studied at the university for applied arts in Vienna from 1989 until graduation in 1994. Since then she lives in Vienna and Zurich.

Christina represented her artwork in different Galleries, such as; gallery mezzanin- Vienna, new Gallery- Graz, Gallery Mathias Güntner- Hamburg, Gallery Brigitte Weiss and Gallery Anna Wenger- Zurich, Kunstraum- Kreuzlingen, etc... She took part in several groupexhibitions such as;  Come and Go Swiss empassy-Vienna, Swiss Art Award- Basel, Abstraction / Figuration Artforum Sotschi Art Museum, Painting Process  and  Expansion Museum of Modern Art- Vienna, Top of Central- Switzerland, Museum of Modern Art- Luzern, Paula´s home- Lentos, Museum of Modern Art- Linz, The memory of the painting, Aargauer Museum of Modern Art- Aarau.

Martin Prinzhorn

Recent exhibitions


Darling Foundry, Montreal, Canada (solo)

Gallerie 422, Gmunden / A (solo)

Gallerie Mathias Güntner, Hamburg / D (solo)


Gallerie Anna Wenger , Zürich/ CH (solo)

Come and Go, swiss empassy/ Vienna

Swiss Art Awartds / Basel, CH


In Bluethe, Galerie Mathias Güntner, Hamburg (solo)

Viennafair The New Contemporary with Gallerie Mezzanin, Vienna (solo)

ABSTRACTION/FIGURATION. Austrian Contemporary Art, Presented by STRABAG Artforum, Sotschi Art Museum


Malerei: Prozess und Expansion, Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna