Art dans un jardin #1 | Aparté

In this first edition of the season, Art dans un jardin presents an evening in aparté. Thursday, June 19th, Soufia Bensaid, Philippe Lauzier and Marc-André Lion Casavant, accompanied by DJ Buck Smith, will offer you an evening secluded from the tumult of the construction sites surrounding the Darling Foundry.

The aparté will be shaped through the introspection and complicity that the artists will aspire to the public, within the context of what the garden of Jean Paul Ganem represents at the heart of the cité multimédia.

On the other hand, the public is invited to bring any portable radio, walkman or other devices picking up FM waves. The evening will be retransmitted through a temporary radio emission to offer a different perspective.


-Soufia Bensaid-
Une chaise de compagnie
18h30 - En continu

-Marc-André Lion Casavant-
Pourquoi pas?!
19h30 - 20h

-Philippe Lauzier-
Performance solo
20h - 20h 30

-DJ Buck Smith-
20h30 - 23h