Possible Awakenings #2

The Possible Awakenings series in Place Publique continues with the project Domus (Les résonances des plateformes). During this performative installation, Massimo Guerrera and his collaborators intersect with the public through various actions, on a set evoking the different rooms of a house. Representing domestic architectural forms, the spaces echo structures of thought while seeking the visitor’s attentive presence and the circulation of meaning and poetic form. The energizing human exchanges lead us to experience the ordinary in a way that takes us out of the everyday and, according to the artist, gives us the courage to see its blind spots.

6:15PM - Massimo Guerrera - Domus (Les résonnances des plateformes)

With the participation of Sylvie Cotton, Hugo Nadeau and Jonathan Morier 

Massimo Guerrera and his collaborators Sylvie Cotton, Jonathan Morier, and Hugo Nadeau have been working on the structure and re-enactment of Domus (Les résonances des plateformes), which began in a domestic environment on Adam Street in January 2017. Domus is an ongoing, ten-year-long project (2017–2027) that considers different levels of environment by examining the body-house metaphor. Whether looking at the concrete environments of the everyday or the subtler ones of the body and mind (vibrational fields), the project explores the emotional shifts that happen when we open and share our personal studios with others. At the core of this exploration is a transposition between the house’s interior space and the project’s public space, which becomes a unique observation and learning feature.

The project draws on a constant relationship to writing, bringing about a series of books that become an integral and structural part of the installation. A vibrant dialogue ensues between a shared orality and different forms of writing, whether these are textual and poetic propositions or observation-based drawings of different aspects of practice. The project examines the relational fluidity of multiform writing and the richness of the participants’ experiences in both life and work environments. Assembled into an installation, the body-text gathers the perceptual traces and considerations of what happens. In this context of entanglement, the installation-book becomes the notebook of a creative platform that feeds a series of performative actions and interactions.

Massimo Guerrera uses different mediums, such as drawing, writing, sculpture, photography, installation, and performance, to explore the fertile space of interaction and interior shifts that exists between shared presence and the solitude of the studio. His process-based practice focuses on the perceptual variations of our relationships—those that guide our openness or closeness to the world and those of our body and mind—as we connect with others and with our subtle environments. Since 1991, his work has explored the deep relationships of alterity and perceptions of the phenomena traversing us, in order to observe how our being is captured, nourished, and absorbed by relational phenomena and events. These questions have become a daily practice, which is related to a meditation practice embodied in a series of long-term projects that explore the variations and alterations of consciousness.


Starting at 5:30PM, come and enjoy the local craft beer from our generous sponsor, the microbrewery 4 Origins Brewing Co.'s and tacos by Café Cantina (cash only)!

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