Conversation : Maddie Tait-Jamieson and Mélodie Bajo

Artists-in-residence Maddie Tait-Jamieson (France) and Mélodie Bajo (France) will present their recent artistic practices during an evening in the Fonderie Darling residency spaces. 

Food and refreshments will be served in the 3rd floor lounge, accessible by stairs.


Maddie Tait-Jamieson is a trans-disciplinary Pakeha artist born in Aotearoa in 1996, based in France since 2014 and currently residing in Marseille. Graduating with a DNSEP master's degree from the Beaux-Arts de Montpellier in 2022, they will be in residence at Triangle Astérides as part of the Artistes Associé.e.s, Marseille en 2024 program. The artist was in residence this autumn at the Maison des arts George et Claude Pompidou (MAGCP) in Cajarc, as part of the HORIZONS program. They had their first solo exhibition in France at GlassboxNord in Paris in 2022, during which they performed their eponymous reading, which was shown at this year's GARCES Festival in Marseille. The text of his reading will be published by POST FIRE BOOKS in 2024.

Born in 1995, Mélodie Bajo lives and works in Toulouse. She discovered writing at the École Supérieure d'Art des Pyrénées in Tarbes, and it was at the Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse, from which she graduated in 2018, that she developed this practice, notably in the staging of performances. During a residency at the library of the Musée des Abattoirs in Toulouse in 2019/2020, she adds the use of scientific languages to her work. She continues this in 2020/2021, as part of a post-graduate sound project conducted with art schools in Burgundy-Franche-Comté. In 2021/2022, she is one of the winners of the Création en cours and Transat residencies run by Ateliers Médicis, marking the start of a collaborative artistic project. Following a residency at the Pollen arts center in Monflanquin, in 2023, she presents her first solo exhibition, entitled Chaordre.