Conversation around the exhibition Ocelle

Informed by a classical approach to the history of painting as much as by hypercontemporary visual culture, the painter's work is part of a continuous and heterogeneous formal research combined with an original and erudite engagement with popular, religious, cinematographic, or even videogame iconographies. 

In an effort to initiate a critical reflection on the medium of painting, the curator of this first institutional exhibition of Vincent Larouche, Caroline Andrieux, will introduce the event by drawing on the writings of American theorist W. J. T. Mitchell. Invited for the event, art historian Lisa Tronca will then approach the painter's work through the philosophy of art and media. The online event will be facilitated by Alexandre Piral, Public Programs Manager at Fonderie Darling, and will take the form of a filmed conversation in the gallery integrating intellectual and multimedia sources of various horizons.

*Presented live from zoom, most of the conversation will be conducted in French, with English translations of the most important concepts and sharing of references cited in the chatbox.

LISA TRONCA specializes in digital and web art as part of her research and curatorial activities. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Art History at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) under the supervision of Joanne Lalonde. Entitled Œuvres indécidables de l’espace en ligne: The Atlas Group de Walid Raad et Excellences & Perfections d’Amalia Ulman, her dissertation aims to study a body of work that unfolds in online space and analyze this particular context of reception. She has been a research assistant since 2014 at the ALN|NT2 Chair and since 2017 at the Archiving the Present research group. She has participated in several online curatorial and mediation projects, including the exhibition Uchronia|What if?, presented in the HyperPavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2017 and at Eastern Bloc in 2018, as well as the project Digital Art Invites itself to the Studio with Verticale - artist-run center. Lisa Tronca is a regular contributor to radio shows and podcasts: radio ALN|NT2, atelier and [Appendices].