Darling NewHaven

Quartier Éphémère, the non-profit organization that manages Fonderie Darling and Gare de Matapédia, and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Edinburgh are pleased to announce the reconduction of the Darling Newhaven residency – an exchange program between Quebec and Scotland with a title that plays on the names and locations of the residency organizers to evoke an idyllic atmosphere. Designed to facilitate an ongoing exchange between two cultural centers that are well rooted in their communities and are centered around the development of innovative practices, Darling Newhaven Residency promotes the continued presence of visual artists in each respective country.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Fonderie Darling have much in common: both have a strong commitment to artistic creation and production, provide support for dissemination through their exhibition spaces, and host numerous artists. The two centers also share a strong connection to their architecture and heritage. Both institutions have an international reach and their programming affirms their commitment to experimental and exploratory practices, which makes them a desirable residency site.

Imagined as an experience focused on urban and rural settings, the two artists laureates will benefit from a long stay in the heart of welcoming metropoles, which will be extended by a journey in beautiful rural areas. In Quebec the artist will spend 2 weeks on residency at the Gare de Matapédia, a new artistic and community pôle developed by Quartier Éphémère recently in a train station in the heart of the beautiful nature of Gaspesia. In Scotland the artist will spend time within a group residency at Hospitalfield, an arts organization established in 1901, based in the coastal town of Arbroath. The experience of nature will thus be an important component of the program, which will allow access to facilities in the countryside while at the same time offering support through regional partnerships.

During both residencies, various events, public and professional meetings, studio visits and cultural excursions are organized according to the interest of the artist and throughout their stay.

The two artists will have the opportunity to meet at the start of the residencies which is why the dates will be staggered.



September 1st - November 30th, 2024

Fonderie Darling is housed in a former industrial foundry with large spaces and offers inspiring facilities for creation and production. The residents benefit from a live-in studio of approximately 60m2, equipped with a kitchen corner, access to production facilities outfitted to work with wood, metal, ceramic, and CNC cutting. In the context of this residency, it invites the resident to stay at Gare de Matapédia, an artistic and community hub in Gaspesia, a region known for the majesty of its landscapes. The artist will also be invited to occupy a creative studio space located in a former train station, a heritage space whose architecture remains intact, and to engage with the vastness and warmth of the Gaspesian community.

The residency at Fonderie Darling and Gare de Matapedia (addressed to artists based in Scotland) includes

• Roundtrip airfare Scotland to Montreal (up to 1500 $ CAD) and a train ticket to Matapedia 
• Weekly stipend of 300 $ CAD for 13 weeks, and a production budget of 1000 $ CAD
• Grant of 3000 $ CAD
• Fee of 350 $ CAD for participating in public program activities  
• Access to production workshop
• Promotion and support program
• Eleven-week stay in a live-in studio at Fonderie Darling, in Montreal
• Two-week studio at Gare de Matapédia and private housing aside, in Gaspesia 


September 09 - December 08, 2024

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is a centre for production, research and learning in the fields of sculpture and the visual arts. With a strong international reputation, the art centre attracts artists for its technical expertise in sculpture and its commitment to artistic research. Founded in 1987, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is now located in a building with a modern and minimalist design, and offers workshops with state-of-the-art equipment as well as studios. As part of this residency, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is partnering with the Hospitalfield, an organization dedicated to contemporary art and ideas close to the north-east coastal town of Arbroath, with a reputation as one of Scotland’s most important arts & crafts houses

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s purpose-built facilities offer a range of shared spaces, specially designed to accommodate contemporary sculptural practice. There are wood, metal and ceramic workshops alongside a foundry and 26 studios that house a community of practicing artists. Residents live in one of the fully equipped onsite apartments and have 24-hour access to their studios.

The residency at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (addressed to artists based in Quebec) includes: 

• Roundtrip airfare from Quebec to Edinburgh up to 1500 $ CAD and a train ticket to Arbroath 
• Weekly stipend of 300 $ CAD  for 11 weeks, and a production budget of 1000 $ CAD
• Grant of 3000 $ CAD
• Fee of 350 $ CAD for participating in public program activities 
• Access to ESW’s workshops, wood, metal, ceramic, plaster and foundry 
• Promotion and support program
• Ten-week residency at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, in one of the on-site apartments 
• Two-week residency at Hospitalfield, in Arbroath, all meals are provided.

Candidates in this program must submit a complete package through the online form no later than midnight no later than midnight on 12 April, 2024 (UTC-4, Eastern Time). Only complete applications submitted through the online form will be considered. 


For more details, please refer to: residence@fonderiedarling.org or dan@edinburghsculpture.org.



This program has been generously funded by the Conseil des arts de Montréal, Creative Scotland,  British Council Scotland and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.