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For the second evening of performance cycle Fermons les yeux pour voir. Always mind your surroundings, Place Publique is transformed into a vast echo chamber. Artist Ida Toninato invites the audience to an experience of listening: from silence, surrounding noises, to the reverberation of a solitary saxophone between the brick walls of Ottawa Street. Félix-Antoine Morin composes a journey punctuated with sounds and silences coming from the urban environment. In addition, artists duo Catherine Landry and Gabriel Lapierre activate Générateur Spectaculaire for the second time, a performative public artwork presented at Place Publique throughout the summer.

Ida Toninato - Sounding the city

For this in situ performance in an urban area, Ida Toninato proposes to settle somewhere on the street, early in the afternoon, to listen for a few hours to how the street sings, how the wind blows and what happens at this place. Her musical material will be developed according to what she has heard and what will resonate durably in her ears. Already familiar with the interior acoustics of the Darling Foundry, Ida seeks an echo of this resonance outside, in the open air ...

Ida Toninato is a musician, saxophonist, composer and improviser. A sound explorer guided by a strong desire to immerse herself in sound and space, she develops an exhilarating game - the expression of her need for interaction with places, acoustics and sensibilities. After years of classical contemporary repertoire practice, during which she has created over fifty solo or chamber music works, she plunged head first into her own musical creation. From this change was born Strangeness is Gratitude, her first solo album released under the label Kohlenstoff Records. Enthusiastically received by critics, this album firmly planted the composer in the experimental underground. Ida Toninato writes music for theater, dance and film productions and is part of the exciting Jane / KIN duo with sound artist Ana Dall'Ara-Majek. She regularly performs with the Ensemble SuperMusique and the vocalist choir Joker. She released her new album The Space Between Us with the label Ambiances Magnétiques with Jennifer Thiessen on the viola and the viola d’amore. Ida Toninato performs in Europe and North America in large theaters, small halls, dark places and other prestigious venues. She holds a PhD in interpretation from the Université de Montréal.

Félix-Antoine Morin - Permutation inframince

Following Ida Toninato's performance, Félix-Antoine Morin offers a narrative experience punctuated by reverberant sounds, breezes and silences from Ottawa Street. The artist allows the urban soundscape to pen its own musical composition by attentively listening to the sounds reverberating against the brick walls on the road. 

Playing as much within and as on the fringes of aesthetic codes, Félix-Antoine Morin tends to re-describe the composition in terms of poetic rendition: an artisanal creation that glows with its own imaginary aura. Inspired by traditional and sacred music, he draw from the ritual the principle of processual dynamic. In the manner of incantations, various elements of sound — surroundings, noises or multiple instruments — are all components which elaborate a device designed not to determine the music but to summon it. A stratified architecture, at times woven from suspended states nourished by opposite polarities. In the substratum of his works, the sound events come close to the melodic without ever giving way to it, form a narrative that navigates across the micro and macro scales, densifying in fragile nodes that disintegrate in the moment. The listening experience breathes in a crossing of landscapes, images and poetic blending…

Félix-Antoine Morin studied visual arts at UQAM and electroacoustic composition at the Conservatory of Montreal. He frequently collaborates with choreographers (Serge BennathanThierry HuardMélanie VervilleEstelle ClaretonAnne-Claire Cauhapé), videographers and media artists (François MironKarl LemieuxBen PhilippiAlexis ZevilleNandita KumarParabolik GuerrillaLucas Paris) and with other musicians (Maxime Corbeil-PerronPolitical RitualJean-François Laporte, the Quasar quartetAlexander WilsonNuclear Ramjetttttttttttttttttttttt). In 2008, he won a JTTP award and in 2012, he received the Joseph S. Stauffer award from the Canada Council for the Arts. His works have been featured in several national and international events and his albums are available on K o h l e n s t o f f Records.

From 6pm, enjoy the Darling Foundry's Second Nature Bar and the tacos kiosk by Café Cantina, on the grooves of DJ Sunset!

* Due to circumstances beyond our control, the listening workshop initially proposed by Sandra Volny was cancelled.

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