Les aiguilles tournent à l'envers

When art frequents the bees : God Save the Queen #2

Since Spring 2013, the artist collective known as Les aiguilles tournent à l’envers has installed and taken charge of a beehive on the rooftop of the Darling Foundry in Griffintown.  Their beekeeping project, entitled God Save The Queen, embodies land experimentation, discovery, awareness, and reconnection with the city. It is a meeting point between urban beekeeping and the visual arts, allowing artists, regardless of their discipline, to use it as a theme, medium or subject matter within their other projects. The artworks presented in God Save The Queen # 2, a meeting with the project’s artistic founders, and a conference on urban beekeeping accompanied by honey tasting, all come together to mark the end of 2014’s Place Publique.