Collective Exhibition / Interprétations à l'œuvre

The fruit of a long collaboration between Astérides (Marseille) and Darling Foundry, this co-curated exhibition proposes an interrogation of different gestural languages and a decryption of its communication codes in the work of visual artists from France and Canada.

This exhibition focuses on body language according to its different features. Through the diversity of meanings it contains, in relation to its context, the tradition in which it is inscribed or the audience it addresses. Body language is a multiple, its understanding and interpretation involves learning a vocabulary. For their transmission, gestures can be written, taking the form of instructions or scripts. The works address these aspects in the form of video, installation, documentation, sculptures and performances, all presented in a specially designed scenography between the white cube and the stage. The role of spectators is central to this project, at once in the suggested path, since choreography forms from their movement in the space, and for the perception of the works, which leads them to reflect on their own understanding of body language. The selected artists come from French and Canadian art scenes, offering a mix of viewpoints and research.


Jennifer Caubet – Tom Castinel – Julien Creuzet – Carole Douillard – Nadège Grebmeier Forget – Luis Jacob – Adam Kinner – Karen Kraven – Catherine Lavoie-Marcus – Leisure – Tanya Lukin Linklater – Samir Ramdani – Jimmy Robert – Ulla Von Brandenburg



Les Anarchives de la danse, a project of Catherine Lavoie-Marcus
Saturday 27 August, 2 PM – 5PM

Sunday 28 August, 2 PM – 5PM

Sleepers, Carole Douillard
Saturday 8 October, 4PM
duration: 2h

In partnership with Aix-Marseille University and presented in collaboration with Actoral

Que dire ?, Éric Duyckaerts
Performance cancelled

Yesterday is also Tomorrow and Today is like Here, Ulla Von Brandenburg

Saturday 26 November, 2PM 
Sunday 27 November, 2PM
duration: 3h 


Friche La Belle de Mai
Tour panorama 13003
Marseille, France 


A proposition by Astérides and Darling Foundry