Dance Anarchives

Dance Anarchives is a workshop series in which the public is invited to create fictional archives in the form of picture collages. Four performers use those collages as the partition of a choreography they interpret while the creation occurs.

Dance Anarchives proposes a dance that has no limit, a dance that has no end. In this research, an extensive collage workshop, the performers and the public create a choreography of the memory using Québec's dance archives: bodies captured by the image, dormant bodies, consciously domiciled. In this exercise, leading figures in the heritage of dance collide in a disordered, disproportionate and anachronistic manner. From this collision of images, new documents arise creating in turn new and remarkable memories. The archives' anarchic potential bursts: no historical figure remains untouchable, no temporal or aesthetic hierarchy is maintained. Liberated, the bodies detach from their surroundings and defy the laws of gravity.

The collages will serve as scores for the creation of "tableaux vivants" (living pictures) that reinterpret the history of dance, between the homage and the outrage.

The public is invited to participate in this ongoing collage workshop. The Anarchives team, composed of six performers, will be present on site at all times, attempting to physically interpret the collages created.

Specially for the occasion, the admission and the event are free.

Voluntary contributions are always welcome


Public workshops schedule :

June 1st  5PM to 9:30PM
June 2nd 3PM to 9:30PM* 
June 3rd 1PM to 5PM
June 4th 1PM to 5PM
June 5th 1PM to 5PM


* At 4PM Gabrielle Larocque, researcher implicated in the project, and Ji-Yoon Han, art historian specialized in dada and surrealist photocollages, will share their thoughts on two main subjects: the fragmented memory of dance and the disruption of collage practices by dance. More information on the Facebook event (french only)


This event is presented as part of GESTURES2 : at the crossroad of dance and visual arts




A project by Catherine Lavoie-Marcus

Performance: Marie Claire Forté, Audrée Juteau, Brice Noeser, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, Andrew Turner, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus

Research: Gabrielle Larocque

Sound Design: Michel F. Côté

Partner : Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Special thanks to Tangente and Studio 303 for their help gathering the archives



Catherine Lavoie-Marcus is a choreographer, performer, teacher and researcher in dance. Since 2008 she has presented her creations in theatres and artist-run centres in Quebec (Tangente, Studio 303, Usine C, Centre d'art Skol, Fonderie Darling) and has shared her personal and group research internationally (France, China). She publishes theoretical and critical reflections in the form of articles and essays in the Presses du réel, in Dance collection Danse Press/es and in the magazines Spirale, Jeu, and esse arts+opinions. Catherine is newly a columnist for the publication esse in collaboration with Michel F. Côté and continues doctoral research at the University of Quebec in the program "études et pratiques des arts".

Performance evening


5:00 pm 5:00 pm

The Darling Foundry has programmed throughout the season of 2015-2016 new projects where dance and visual arts meet, which corresponded with the arrival of Curator Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre in the Spring of 2015.  From June 1 to June 5, GESTURES2 will… See more