Mariana Sánchez Hoyos

Stemming from her background in architecture, Mariana Sánchez Hoyos’ practice partially results from the calmness of working with patterns and grids, knowing the rules of the game, and their apparent order. At the same time, she is propelled to create organic forms that are opposed to traditional methods of construction, to break the rules in a certain way and lend herself to chaos implicit in the process. Working with clay as a primary medium, she explores the material’s relationship to the natural world, in its opposition to capitalist consumption, through a process that embraces change and failure. Both of these impulses complement each other, the desire to follow an order and the other seeking to leave it. Pushing the limits of her medium, Hoyos seeks to understand the systems that govern some parts of her life, to know what can break them and what happens after their collapse; the freedom that results from the fracture. 

During her residency at Fonderie Darling, Mariana Sánchez Hoyos will develop upon her series Cartographies of Silence through which the artist explores the way in which spaces are built for society, by tracing different samples of materials to their place of origin. Telling the story of seemingly ordinary matter as emblems of significant humanitarian trajectory, labour and cost, Sánchez Hoyos’ project imagines e new scenarios and ways of inhabiting the landscape while paying homage to the memory of architectural materials and the thousands of hands that have worked them before they reach their final destination. 


Mariana Sánchez Hoyos has a background in architecture (ITESO). She is an editor and founder of the magazine Semper Feminae, which shifts art history from a feminist standpoint. She is also a member of the editorial committee of the publication Enredadas, which advocates for the rights of women and immigrants. She is Cofounder of the workshop Hoyos, created alongside her sister Estefania Sánchez Hoyos. Mariana has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, and is currently completing her first international residency at Fonderie Darling in Montreal. 

Recent exhibitions


In the Place of Memory, Group exhibition, Casa Ceniza, Guadalajara, MX

Common genre, Group exhibition, Ajolote Gallery, Guadalajara, MX

Where you left off, Group exhibition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


EVERYTHING IS OK, Solo exhibition, El Sur, MX.

Compiled Copper Etching, Group exhibition, La Tinta Gráfica, Guadalajara, MX


Participation in the National Ceramics Prize, Tlaquepaque, MX

Participation in the Jalisco Ceramics Award, Tlaquepaque, MX

Digital exhibition, Maldita Musa, MX