Lancelot Michel


Working at the intersection between digital and tangible spaces, painting and sculpture, Lancelot Michel is developing an image-based art practice that tries to enlarge the perceptual field. His work explores new types of hybrid and deviant representations that focus on the coexistence between different mediums and moments. He thus reveals a world characterised by the collapse of boundaries and quasi-shamanic homogenization, told in the first person. No matter how much time has gone by or whose flesh this belongs to, one goes into the world day after day, between its cover and mist, in the glow of a mobile phone, with the irrepressible urge to reassemble it.

While in residence at Fonderie Darling, Michel intends to focus on writing as well as working with ceramics and enamel. These two types of research will be undertaken together, as one always enriches the other in terms of both form and narrative.


Lancelot Michel lives and works in Montpellier, France. A graduate of the Montpellier Art School (ESBA) in 2019, he recently participated in 100 Artists in the City with the exhibition 4ever, presented at Espace Saint-Ravy with his collective Gelly. His work was also featured in the postgraduate exhibition Ménagerie des transformations, curated by Stéphanie Moisdon, and in the exhibition Inside/Out, organized by Carbone 14 and presented jointly at Galerie Annie Gabrielli and La Halle Tropisme in Montpellier.