CANCELLED: Architecture and algorithms : conferences & performance

CANCELLED. Guided tour and Michael Parsons performance presented on June 22.

Evening of lecture and performance on the relations between architecture and algorithms.

5pm Sébastien Pluot (Lecture)
Sébastien Pluot is an art historian and co-director of Art by Translation. Pluot’s presentation will consider how The House of Dust proposes complex relations among architecture, language, and cybernetics. Pluot will talk about how this work fits into a historical context and theoretical and ideological debates opposing rationalist and functionalist models with post-structuralist theories.

6pm Orit Halpern (Lecture)
Orit Halpern is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University. She explores the histories of digital technologies, cybernetics, social and cognitive sciences, and design. She is particularly interested in the history of big data, interactivity, and omnipresent computer technology. She will talk about the interconnections between the mega-structures that constitute technological environments and the numerous economic and environmental crises affecting us today.

7pm Michael Parsons (an exterior performance)
Walk (1969)
Michael Parsons is a British composer, musician, and theoretician. Since the mid-1960s, he has been a leading figure in the experimental music scene. He was notably in the Scratch Orchestra with Cornelius Cardew in the late 1960s, a collective formed to democratize the experience of playing music through a radical transformation of the musical score and the use of everyday objects as instruments. Walk is a score that gives directions for number of steps, speed, direction, and rest for a group of performers who move within the space.

These events are organized by Art by Translation in relation to The House of Dust d'Alison Knowles exhibition. Art By Translation is a research and exhibitions program supported by ESBA TALM-Angers, l’ENSA Paris-Cergy and CNEAI, Paris-Pantin. Direction : Maud Jacquin & Sébastien Pluot, pedagogical direction: Jeff Guess.