Romain Gandolphe

Romain Gandolphe deals with memory and narrative in performances that take the form of guided tours, travelogues and imaginary exhibitions. Interested in the intangible elements of the world, Romain Gandolphe has developed a performance practice, supplemented by editions and videos. Through the use of speech and gesture, he tries to give life to these otherwise invisible concepts. Inevitably, questions of memory and transmission come into play. Cognitive biases then appear: what are we invisibilizing, without even realizing it? Parts of our history, of the history of art, of our culture and of our daily lives seem to be located in the blind spots of our field of vision and are therefore areas that demand to be probed.

During his residency at Fonderie Darling, through a periodic series of meetings, Romain Gandolphe will work with academics on a theme that is dear to his heart: contemporaneity. At the same time, he is working on new works - performances, editions, narratives and videos - nourished by recent encounters with Quebec artists. His research involves an interrogation of the notion of author and authoress, the emergence of ideas and the labour process. If Romain Gandolphe usually finds material for his works in the midst of those of others, from now on he wishes to provoke exchange through times of sharing and collective work, thus investing the political value of listening and exchanges, and prioritizing the creation of works in close collaboration with other artists.



Born in 1989, Romain Gandolphe lives and works in Lyon. After a scientific curriculum, he discovered the history of art and performance at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon, from which he graduated in 2016. For a few years he was a researcher in the Post-Performance Future program, and he presented his work at the Centre Pompidou (Paris, 2018), at the BNKR (Munich, 2018), at LAXART (Los Angeles, 2019) and in solo exhibitions at La BF15 (Lyon, 2017), at the École d'Arts du Choletais (Cholet, 2018) and at Skol (Montreal, 2022)

Recent exhibitions


Dire où j’étais m’est impossible, Centre Skol, Montreal


Comme si tu ne faisais que passer, École d’Arts du Choletais, Cholet, France


D’autres états me font rêver, La BF15, Lyon, France