Simon Belleau / Annotations

Annotations is an evolving video work by Simon Belleau visible in a window of the 250 Queen Street entrance, around the corner from Place Publique. Over weeks, the artist annotates the works of the artists in the exhibition as he sees them emerge in the space; his notes refer solely to objects and actions, deliberately eliminating any context. A schematic rendering of the tangible and played in a loop, this rear-screen projection reproduces the form of a blank page on which short phrases scroll. Although by its very essence, an artwork inevitably prompts commentary, these abridged annotations arise from a process of deconstruction that is in stark contrast to an extolment of critical discourse. The effort to synthesize and the desire to pare down introduce the idea that time and again the visual language of art will prevail over any justifications. Annotations sets up a dialogue with the other works, evolving with a slight delay and beginning when the first work is installed in the space and ending when the eight work and its annotation close the parenthesis.


Place publique

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