Simon Boudvin

Simon Boudvin observes the contemporary world through human-made structures. He then proceeds to make a careful survey,  reconstruct them from traces according to their functions or yet, photograph their becoming, as these configurations are torn by contradictory forces oscillating between technical obsolesce, cultural heritage, reinvestment and abandonment.


Born in 1979 in Mans, Boudvin studied art and architecture in Paris. He has been teaching since 2007 in different architecture schools. His work emerges in these two fields, borrowing objects from one and methods from the other, or vice versa.

During his stay at the Darling Foundry, Simon Boudvin intends to compile a small inventory of quotes, details and other relics from the pavilions of Expo 67 in the architecture of the city of Montréal. He will be looking for its heritage and buildings that have collected influences and have the ability to carry on this image, graphically, stylistically, and constructively. For if the “show of the century” impressed the world, we too can, locally, revive the bits and pieces that have been left behind.


Recent exhibitions


Appareils, Galerie Jean Brolly, Paris


Legs, Galerie Jean Brolly, Paris


Legs, Eternal Gallery, Tours


Der Bau, Moulins de Paillard, Poncé-sur-le-Loir


Obsolètes, librairie HO, Marseille