Yoga + meditation in the exhibition

To celebrate the public's return to the events organized on their behalf, the Fonderie Darling is pleased to present a dual yoga/somatic activity offered by Maxine Segalowitz and Aurora Prelević, followed by a guided meditation/ASMR by Coral Short and Winnie Ho as part of Sarah Stevenson's solo exhibition.


Warmups and creative movement exercises drawn from contemporary & improvisational dance practices, performance art & clown, yoga & Qi Gong, & more. The focus of the class is on the interconnection between our sensorial selves – a physical and imaginative relationship – with the surrounding environment. Our priority is sharing accessible exercises with the intention to invite participants into a flow of adaptation that meets their bodies and experiences and place direct relationship with the elements and our lived environment at the forefront.


A relaxation session and a subtle exploration of sounds emitted by nature, in the spirit of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). The artist wishes to offer a contemplative and restorative moment where participants are invited to listen to and interact with plant elements. They will experience a slow, delicate and dreamy eco-sensual moment before sharing their experience with the rest of the group.


5$ or free for members
To register, please send an email to
Participants are asked to bring their own material (towel and mat). Refreshments will be served.


MAXINE SEGALOWITZ is a queer Jewish dance artist currently living in Tiotià:ke (Montréal), where she has immersed herself in creative communities as a dancer, choreographer, clown, drag+cabaret performer, and stand-up sleeper. As a dancer, she’s notably worked with Helen Simard, Yannick Desranleau+Chloë Lum and Ingrid Bachmann, performing locally and internationally. As a choreographer, Maxine continues developing her solo-show Sexpectations, where she performs a reimagining of working as a stripper. Here, she navigates agency and coercion, blurring lines between fantasy and reality. She has presented versions of Sexpectations with Festival Bouge d’ici and at FRINGE Festivals across Canada, where it has received nominations for Outstanding Choreography, and has received creative residencies at Bouge D’ici and Studio 303. Maxine’s teaching experience comes from an intricate relationship with learning, and guidance from inspiring teachers and mentors, namely Angelique Wilkie, Neil Sochowsky, Kelly Keenan, Sara Hanley, Hanna Sybille Müller, Joe de Paul, Helen Simard, and Be Heintzman Hope. Through a combination of valuing a safe learning space, attention to detail and always bringing it back to the joy of a game, Maxine strives to share in her teaching practice what has always brought her back to keep learning.

AURORA PRELEVIĆ  is a movement and performance artist, a teacher of somatics, a writer, and a practicing herbalist. Born in Tiotià:ke / Montréal, she is the first generation of her family born on this land and carries strong Yugoslav / Balkan roots. Her extensive background in yoga, meditation, contemporary improvisational dance, experimental movement practices, and other somatic forms informs her approach to movement as both ritual and performance, therapeutic and artistic. She holds an interdisciplinary MA from the New School for Social Research in New York, situated somewhere at the intersection of memory, performance, and gender studies. Her movement practice homes are Ponderosa International Art Space in Stolzenhagen, Germany, and Movement Research in New York. Aurora lives with chronic pain and illness which informs her teaching style as one seeped in prioritizing accessibility, seeking to be inclusive of all bodies and abilities, encouraging students to find their own forms. Connecting with nature is one of her favourite things about being alive on this planet, and one of the ways she feels most at home here.

CORAL SHORT is a Canadian, non-binary person who has been actively involved in queer artistic communities for the last decade in North America, Asia, and Europe. They have been practicing as an international performance artist/gardener for over a decade. Most of Coral’s unique knowledge of sound has been passed to them from personal sonic experimentations within friendships. Coral has facilitated workshops in Greece, Sweden, UK, the US, Ireland, Germany, and Canada around their favourite topics of performance, meditation, sexuality, and sound. Their sobriety and spirituality play major roles in their creations, as they see performance and sound as energetic rituals of transformation, connection, and catharsis between people.

WINNIE HO (Superhova) is a dance performance artist who resides between Montreal and Berlin. She was recently the recipient of the 2017 DanceWeb Scholarship Program at Impulstanz Festival in Vienna. She has performed for Shake It Collaborations in Sweden and for visual artist/professor Chih-Chien Wang of Concordia University at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin in 2016. Winnie also create installations and performances in site specific spaces whereby boundaries between spectator and performer can be dissolved and redefined in the felt presence of immediate experience. In 2016 her installation and durational performance Conversation with Another While Being was presented at Articule Gallery in Montreal. Her works have been presented in various festivals in Berlin, Calgary, New York City, Helsinki, Paris and Porto, Portugal.




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