Alexandre David  /  Deux choses différentes

The Deux choses différentes installation presents these very simple wood and plywood constructions, whose scale and shapes were partly determined by the space in which they are shown, and function more like spaces than objects. Parts of the work we can walk in relate to other parts we can only view. These constructed spaces refer to certain architectural types, similar among themselves, such as the square, the interior court or the pavilion. Making analogies with such architectural types doesn’t directly make the work more meaningful, but it renders the work more familiar and that makes it easier for one to move through it in a relaxed way, without being self-conscious of every movement one makes. Alexandre David also wanted the visual part of the experience to be very sharp, definite and unambiguous, in a way that is somehow equivalent to the straightforwardness of our movements. The artist is not denying that there are other, more subtle aspects to the experience here, memories and a personal history that necessarily alter one’s experience for example, but these more nuanced aspects of the experience will themselves be altered by the sharp, clear sensation David wishes to generate in this work.

The artist thanks Thomas Bégin and Red

Alexandre David

Alexandre David lives and works in Montreal. His work has been shown in various museums and galleries in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria and France. He has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions at Optica and Dare-Dare in Montreal and La Chambre Blanche in Quebec City in 2007 and, in 2009, at Ace Art inc in Winnipeg and Grunt in Vancouver. In 2011, his work was shown in solo exhibitons at YYZ in Toronto, Espace Tilt in Lausanne, as well as Plein Sud in Montreal. He had a solo exhibition at the Parisian Laundry in Montreal in 2011 .