Jean-Luc Verna artist talk

Multifaceted artist, high and low culture, even the troubling strangeness, all these fashionable catchphrases actually apply to Jean-Luc Verna. But Verna himself is not fashionable, he is too classic, too politically incorrect without being a militant, he has been drawing for more than 35 years, photocopying his own drawings, transferring and embellishing them. He combines poses from the history of art and rock to stage and photograph himself. Since the 1990's, he plays all the roles in Dellsperger's films. For the last 10 years he has been dancing in the Gisèle Vienne company. For the last 5, he has been singing with his group I Apologize. In love with versions, all these activities have to do with his taste, good and bad, for the re-interpretation of fragments of culture, filtered through his unique character.

In French.

(After the talk, Jean-Luc will DJ at our bar-terrasse until 10 p.m)