MOMENTA Time : Free guided tours at fixed time for individuals

The guided tour is designed for those interested in learning about MOMENTA's group exhibition, which focuses on the work of six international artists offering a multitude of approaches to what is called "nature." Through thought-provoking discussions of the theme and works on view, this activity explores the connections between humans and the land, while reflecting on the relationships between ancestral narratives and speculative fiction to generate loving and caring ways of relating to nature.

> Visit in French: 5pm - 6pm  
> Visit in English: 6pm - 7pm 



WORLDMAKING TENTACLES  In the group exhibition Worldmaking Tentacles, technological, ecological, and spiritual wisdoms meet to conjure an array of possible futures. The artists summon phoenix-like  moments  in  which  nature  emerges  outside  of  colonial-patriarchal … See more