Michael Eddy / Neytiri & Allez au front de la recherche

Two works face each other: on one side, a sculpture of  the Na’vi protagonist of the blockbuster movie Avatar, and on the other, on a hanging banner, the image of an anonymous knight featured in the recruitment ads of Algorithme Pharma. On Place Publique, Michael Eddy draws a parallel between these two characters by examining the process of identifying with stories and myths, particularly through costume and personification. Neytiri and Allez au front pour la recherche refer to the manner by which certain characters become powerful tools for creating a form of fantastical militancy, experienced through fictional associations. The archetypes of the spiritual warrior and protector of her people and of the medieval hero modelled on the Jon Snow character from the hit series Game of Thrones embody the ideals of bravery and virtue that deeply resonate with the contemporary cultural imagination. In movies and advertising, the call to action—save one’s people, support medical research—gets associated with a progression from dehumanization to heroism. Entertainment, kitsch, populism, and ideology are thus intertwined; the polarization between reality and fiction gradually invades the public space and the media. Eddy’s work also reflects on his own experience at Fonderie Darling, a place that sometimes takes on the qualities of an isolated fortress in the middle of the Cité du Multimédia. While Ottawa Street has been the stage for much antagonism over the past decade, the artist imagines Place Publique as a mythical place, symbolizing a position of resistance against the transformation of an industrial neighbourhood into a neoliberal space.


Place publique

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